The Relay Assist Program…

Keep your vehicle regularly serviced at your registered Relay Assist service workshop to maintain your Relay Assist Membership.

Every six months, simply return to the same repairer for a service on or before the expiry date of your cover and we will renew your cover for a further six months.

We will send you an SMS reminder shortly before your Relay Roadside Assist cover expires.


Up to 25kms free of charge back to the issuing repairer. (Additional kms at the expense of the registered driver).

Jump Start

Professional assistance to attend and jump start your vehicle, so you can continue your journey as quickly as possible.

Battery Replacement

Faulty battery replacement on the spot (replacement battery at the driver’s expense).

Flat Tyre

We will attend and replace a flat tyre on the spot using your serviceable spare.


Lockout assistance up to $100.00 including GST.

Emergency Fuel

We will deliver emergency fuel to your vehicle to get you on your way (fuel supplied at registered driver’s expense).

Emergency Accommodation

Reimbursement for accommodation up to $100.00 including GST per night room only (max two nights, conditions apply).

Emergency Car Hire

Reimbursement for car hire up to $100.00 including GST per day (max two days, conditions apply).


To read the full terms and conditions of your cover click here.

Membership Terms and Conditions

Re;ay Assist

In the event that you require emergency roadside assistance under the terms of your cover,
please contact…

1300 932 774

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